It is a Web Platform to invite/facilitate the movement of complete/100% contribution from Donor to Donee.
Helping Hands.Gives will cater to only Basic education and Medical emergencies of the Donee/Recipients, unable to afford these financially.
In order to facilitate 100% movement of money to recipients, the donor is encouraged to remit donations directly to the Bank Account of the Donee/Recipient after due Verification process conducted by a specialized team at We function solely as a platform, with no registered Bank account for remitting of funds on behalf of Donee/Recipients.
Initial expenses/Ongoing maintenance/Operating expenses of the Web Platform is managed by the Founders/Core team and Associates. If anyone wishes to contribute towards the same can do so by contacting us and paying the person shouldering the expenses directly. Statement of all the expenses along with the contributor name will be displayed on the website.
A registered Donor recommends the Donee/Recipient who needs the help (Educational/Medical) and registers them onto as per the requirements in the Registration form found on the Home Page of the website. After the due verification of Donee/Recipient, the case in particular is cleared for Payment. An intimation is sent to all registered Donors for their contribution. Donors will express their wish to donate a particular amount. Once the Total amount is arrived at, an intimation is sent to all the Registered Donors to remit the amount directly to the Bank account designated by the Donee/Recipient. Once the Amount is credited to the Donee/Recipient, Bank/Transfer details will be uploaded in the site and the case is closed with a testimonial of the Donee/Recipient.
A registered donor must meet the following criteria:- Any individual across the globe invited by any existing registered donor, and Agrees/wishes to help/donate to the donee/recipient directly Registers on as per details on the Registration form Agrees to the terms and conditions on the website
1. Inviting a donor/donors to get registered on the Web platform. 2. Recommending genuine cases of help (with invoices/photographs/any other genuine attachments) and facilitate the registration process of the Donee/Recipient. 3. Expressing his/her wish to contribute a particular amount depending on the case along with other donors, on > My Page of the donor. 4. Making the bank transfer from his/her account to Donee/Recipient bank account as per the bank details given, and upload and update the Bank Transfer details on > My Page of the donor. 5. Obtaining the Testimonial from the Donee/Recipient and upload on
The frequency and amount is completely up to the Donor, there is absolutely no compulsion for the Donor to contribute every time. Even registering on does not make one bound to contribute. In saying this, we do expect only Genuine Donors to get registered with the intension to Help/Support others. Ideal/Inactive Donors will be deleted from the Donor list; i.e. if there no contribution for period of one Calendar year.
Helping Hands.Gives takes only basic personal information detailed in the registration form and does not require any Bank Account details of the Donor.
No, but all Donors will have access to all Donees registered on
Any individual across Mumbai/Thane district limits can be Donee/recipient, who is in genuine need of Medical and Educational help and cannot afford it due to financial reasons. Who takes up his/her case to the Registered Donor and completes and agree on the Terms and conditions only invited by the any existing Registered Donor, who in turn agrees/wishes to Help/Donate directly to the Donee/Recipient, and registers in the Helping Hands. Gives, website Platform as per the details given in the Registration form and agree on the terms and conditions on the Website Platform, Helping Hands.Gives. Donee/Recipient can reach the Helping Hands.Gives only through Registered Donor.
Apart from personal information and case details as per the registration form, Basic Bank Account details are required to transfer funds to the Donee/Recipient. Donee/Recipient is not compelled to furnish any confidential bank or credit card information like Credit/Debit ATM Card Number /ATM Pin/OTP or any such information over and above thos detailed in the Registration form. Helping Hands.Gives will not take any responsibility of misuse of the confidential information provided.
No. Only after due verification process, if the case is found genuine as per the parameters set by the verification team at Helping Hands.Gives. Cases failing the verification criteria will be rejected. Decision of the verification team will be final, no claims will be entertained once a case is rejected.
Verification will be conducted by the verification team at Helping Hands.Gives as per the questionnaire duly approved by the core team of Helping Hands.Gives in following ways: 1. Verification by Phone: This is initial and basic verification method to check the sanctity of the registration form of the Donee/Recipient. 2. Verification by Interview: Donee/Recipient will be called to meet a verification team member and present/explain the case in person. 3. Verification by Visit: Associate of Helping Hands.Gives will visit the venue of the Donee/Recipient for final verification. Verification at all above levels will be documented by filled questionnaire and will be uploaded on the My Page of the Donee/Recipient.
Yes, since all the information of the Donee/Recipient is available to the Donor, any donor can conduct an independent verification and convey the results to verification team before starting completing the remittance process, but cannot influence the verification process. The final decision will be of the verification team.
No, we wish you to part of the Contribution process. In case you do not wish to become Donor and wish to recommend a Donee/Recipient, you can to do so by approaching any Registered Donor on your own accord. Helping Hands.Gives will not provide any information of the Donor to the general public.
When we receive more than one case, our verification team will evaluate the cases and depending on the nature and importance, will prioritize the same from the verification to declare as good for payment. Funding process will be always on case to case basis on the priority list. Once one case is closed, the next case will be open for Bank Transfers, to Donors. Thus there will be always one case at a time and multiple Donors contributing towards it.
Since the intention is to move 100% payments to Donee/Recipient with a selfless motive, No Income Tax benefit will be available to the Donor.

1) Go to

2) Go to the Login section.

3) User name and password is your email Id, when you login for the first time, which you can reset to your email password.

4) You will see a current case on the main page with the case details.

5) Go to 'My pledge for this case' and insert amount you wish to donate and save. Amount gets updated in total pledges.

6) You will receive an e-mail with bank details for your remittance.

7) You can either make an online remittance by adding the payee in your bank account or deposit cheque/cash into the bank account as per your convenience.

8) After the online bank transfer/cash/cheque deposit into bank, once again log in to the donor page and go to the section 'Pledge fulfillment' and update 'I have remitted...' Tick the box which gets updated in home page in the total donation section.

9) Please fill your remittance details like cheque no. /UTR no. / cash deposit details and save. Once done same will get updated in home page All donations.